Tottenham Hotspur And Their Conquest For Trophies

If you take Spurs at face value, they have just built a state-of-the-art stadium, a fantastic manager and a squad that has some exceptional talent with some promising youngsters coming through. Therefore, at face value, you’d have to say the club is in a strong position. The issue with Tottenham though, is that their squad can appear stable once the cracks are papered over but look beneath them and you fear a single injury, departure or even a defeat can be the catalyst to the club fading back into mediocrity. This has been evident with injuries to key players revealing a razor-thin squad-depth; and with Pochettino’s future uncertain, it’s easy to foresee a mass exodus of players if he leaves.

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Breaking Down THAT Game Of Thrones Clip

With HBO releasing a preview for some of their upcoming shows in 2019, Game Of Thrones fans have gone mad for a whole 3 seconds of footage showing Daenerys in Winterfell for the first time. So what can we take from this? Absolutely nothing. The Game of Thrones marketing team really do have the easiest job in the World. I suppose it’s interesting that Sansa tells Daenerys “Winterfell is yours”, the same words her father said to Robert Baratheon in the pilot episode, except Sansa seems a bit more bitter. Obviously, there’s going to be some initial conflict between Sansa and Westeros’ most boring couple Jon & Daenerys, but they’ll get over it within an episode or so for a

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Reboot, Rewatch & Rewind

Say what you want about Hollywood but they certainly know how to recycle. Every time I see a trailer for a film nowadays, I’m always overwhelmed by the lack of originality. An endless stream of sequels, prequels, reboots and rip-offs have led me to either rewatch some of my all-time favourites consistently or go backwards in time to find some stories that are actually relatable. Of course this is not inherent in all moviegoers, the lure of *cheap* thrills at the cinema is enough to satisfy the majority and of course and that’s not a problem. However, my opinion is coming from the perspective of the minority, and such a perspective means nothing to the overwhelming majority. So who is

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