Euphoria – HBO’s Latest Must Watch Show

The ornate eye makeup, numerous penis shots and even a few short ‘Love Island’ cameos, HBO’s latest show Euphoria is nothing short of mesmerising. Wonderfully shot, a multitude of complex and layered characters based in relatable storylines on steroids and sensational music, this is a must watch. 

Sam Levinson’s creativity is astonishing, with numerous method’s of storytelling across the episodes which his young cast manage to pull off with ease. 

Zendaya leads the pack, playing Rue, a recovering high school drug addict, who narrates the show. However, as good as Zendaya is, plenty of this young cast could stake a claim for best character of the series, and none more so than Angus Cloud, who plays Fezco, the local drug dealer who shows a deep platonic love towards Rue. 

Euphoria touches a range of topics that are starting to make waves in todays society. From drug addiction and dabbling to sexual orientation and gender identity, subjects that may be considered taboo to talk about amongst generation Z but no doubt exist. 

The show challenges the viewer, leaving them in an uncomfortable state but fixated by storylines and visuals. Immediately you are attached to characters, your feelings already on the emotional rollercoaster. 

However, that is not to say the show does not have its fun moments. Be it Rue explaining what makes up an acceptable dick pic, Ashtray, a child drug dealer, explaining Bitcoin or Rue and Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow) teaming up to scare Troy McKay (Tyler Timmons) with references from ‘The Wire’.

Euphoria is an exhausting watch, with your emotions pushed to their limits. At times it will make you laugh, at times it will make you angry and at times it will make you cry. However, by the end of the eight episodes, you will be desperate to do it all over the again.